Rekey Locks

Fully equipped and ready to rekey locks in Lachine, the techs from our company can help you with such needs. When will you need to rekey your property locks? When the key is missing. Or, when you want to be sure of the security of a new apartment, house, or office. Remember that by rekeying locks, Locksmith Lachine ensures your security and Rekey Locks Lachineprevents intrusions.

Lock rekey is the solution to many problems

Sometimes, when key problems put your security at stake, lock rekey is the solution. Such problems will include losing the keys or not knowing who might have a set of your own keys. From realtors and land owners to ex-employees and ex co-tenants, anyone might still have a copy of your current your keys. Why take risks? Call us to rekey locks today.

Count on our emergency service. Call us now to rekey locks

We offer emergency key change service in Lachine, Quebec. The point of preventing security issues is to change the key and thus enable the lock to only work with a new one. Our pros come prepared to make a new key on the spot. We remove the existing lock pins and install new ones in a different configuration. Then we cut the key replacement accordingly to match the lock. This will save you from a lot of trouble and is one of the most inexpensive solutions.

We are specialists in master key systems

If you like a master key system, contact us. Able to rekey any lock, we can turn a regular cylinder lock into a master one. This will enable you to use just one single key to unlock and lock many doors. That’s what master locks are all about. And there are many variations depending on how many master keys you want and your personal security and property needs. In any case, you can trust the competence and experience of our locksmiths.

Every time you want to rekey locks in Lachine, get in touch with us. Whether for a master key lock system or key repair, we are at your service. Need our help today? Contact us right away.